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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 4, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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making news in america this morning, the controversial clerk refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses. waking up in jail, what she said in front of the judge. how long will she be behind bars. plus, the showdown quickly becoming a hot topic among the presidential candidates. will he or won't he? the buzz around joe biden getting louder. the vice president talking on camera about his possible presidential run for the first time. game set drone, an unexpected crash at the u.s. open. going viral. wide high eyed and amazed a baby captivated by conversation. well, good friday morning to you. we begin with a defiant kentucky
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clerk at the center of a national debate jailed over our opposition to same-sex marriage. >> a judge found kim davis in con tem of court to refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. she refused to retreat saying god's moral law conflicts with the duties of her job. >> led away in handcuffs as protesters voiced their views. the latest from elizabeth hur. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. that kentucky clerk is fighting the ruling now but the judge is saying he is keeping her behind bars until she agrees to follow the rules. standing her ground now sitting in jail is kentucky clerk kim davis refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples testifying in court, my conscience will not allow me. >> today we come to stand for god and support our county clerk kim davis. >> if you can't do your job, resign. i'm not gay but it is a right.
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>> reporter: davis elected to her post could resign but instead repeatedly denied them licenses since the ruling making marriage a right nationwide. >> under whose authority are you not -- >> under god's authority. i simply told you all i'm willing to face my consequences as you all will face your consequences. >> reporter: the aclu filed the motion asking that davis pay a fine but the judge took it further sending her to jail. >> she's been ordered to stay there until she's willing to change her mind, until she's willing to change her conscience about what that belief is. >> reporter: the showdown has several gop candidates sounding off. senator rand paul of kentucky calling it absurd davis was jailed. former governor mike huckabee tweeting we must end the criminalization of christianity, #imwithkim. the governor says all citizens there will be able to get
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married today with most of the deputy clerks promising to make that happen. the only hold-out is davis' son. phillip and reena, back to you. >> all right, elizabeth hur live for us, thank you. new overnight, the vice president talking for the first time on camera about a possible presidential run. during a q&a session in atlanta, joe biden talked about his biggest concern, his family. he's still weighing whether they have the emotional energy for another campaign. especially after dealing with the death of their son, beau. >> can my family undertake what is an arduous commitment that would be proud be undertake under ordinary circumstances but the honest to god answer is i just don't know. >> he says there's no way to put a timetable on his decision but said if he decides they can handle a run, he won't hesitate to do it. well, donald trump promised no the to run as a third party
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candidate. the billionaire signed a loyalty pledge during the first republican debate. trump was the only candidate not to make the pledge. the front-runner now says he will support whoever wins the nomination. >> so i will be totally pledging my allegiance to the republican party and the conservative principles for which it stand and we will go out and we will fight hard and we will win. >> but later he stumbled through an interview when asks about the quds force and mistook them from the kurds and didn't know the major differences between hamas and hezbollah. >> the house benghazi committee is is in the process of grilling hillary clinton's aides about mila kunis e-mails. another former staffer, the one who set up the private server is
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refusing to testify. citing the fifth amendment. now to the search for suspects in the shooting death of an illinois police officer. investigators are hoping a videotape interest a homeowner security system will provide clues in the case. funeral services are set for monday for charles joseph gliniewicz. nothing has been turned up so far. police recovered a gun at the scene but won't say whether it was the officer's weapon or whether it had been fired. the nfl sacked for trying to suspend tom brady. a federal judge says the league didn't follow proper lead our procedu procedu procedures. the nfl doesn't have proof that brady was involved in letting some of the air out of footballs during playoff games. brady is now eligible to play in next week's season opener for the pats. well, refugees from the middle east still streaming into hungary hoping to make their way into western europe.
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hundreds of syrians were allowed to board trains but those trains were heading to refugee camps. there's sharp disagreement among european leaders on how to handle the crisis. germany plans to welcome 800,000 refugees this year. the uk has let in fewer than 300. president obama is playing host today to the king of saudi arabia and offer reassures. they arrived at andrews air force base in royal fashion greeted by a massive fleet, motorcade of luxury cars and suvs. the last of the three heroes who tackled a gunman aboard a paris-bound train is back home. airman first class spencer stone arrived last night at travis air force base near sacramento. while 200 people were on hand to greet him, stone was treated in germany for his injuries. the three men childhood friends are being honored with a parade on september 11th. well, pope francis attracted a massive crowd when he ventured
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out of the vatican to run a personal ear and before coming to america later this month he decided to get new glasses. he popped into a shop in rome where he bought his glasses last year. he liked them so much he only wanted new lenses with his prescription 23fitted for his o frames and insisted on paying himself. >> interesting. the recall expanding for a popular kraft product. a rattlesnake surprises a woman in her own home. plus, buzzing over the stadium then crashing into the stands, the u.s. open interrupted by a drone.
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well, this visitor definitely an uninvited guest.
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a california woman spotted this four-foot rattlesnake perched on a windowsill in her home. it's one of the biggest they've encountered. the drought has caused more snakes to surface. good news on this getaway weekend. the average price of gas is $2.44, 9 cents less than a week ago and nearly a dollar less than a year ago. aaa says these are some of the lowest prices for labor day weekend in a year. they expect 35 million of us to travel this weekend, many taking advantage of the cheap gas. voluntary recall on kraft singles has been dramatically expanded. kraft heinz recalled an additional 335,000 cases of its cheese slices yesterday, saying a problem with the packaging film affects ten times as many cases as it first thought. the film can stick to the cheese after the wrapper is removed and create a choking hazard. customers should return it to
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stores for a refund. today is like black friday for "star wars" aficionados. it's force friday. the first tie-in products from "star wars: the force awakens" go on sale today. some stores opened at midnight. the rollout, huge part of merchandising effort by disney. this photo from a store in denver. empty shelves overnight. the movie, by the way, if you haven't heard opens in december. >> wow. already flying off the shelfs. did you get yours. >> not yet and i guess there's not much available after seeing that. >> you'll have to wait. when we come back, plane crash right next to a soccer field. the pilot's evasive action likely saving lives. a pilot not following rules after flight attendant says turn off your electronics. across america, people like basketball hall of famer
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a couple in florida is devastated after their son was poisoned in their own home. >> 10-year-old peyton mccowy fell ill after their house was treated for termtermites. peyton suffered brain damage and spent weeks in icu. now he's barely able to move or speak. a terminix spokesman said they're saddened for the family and reviewing the matter. a deadly home invasion in st. louis. an 11-year-old boy shot and killed an intruder who tried to break into his house. the boy was at home with his 4-year-old sister when two broke through the front door. officers arrived to see a 16-year-old suspect dead in the foyer and arrested a second suspect later. not clear why the two children were home alone. two men are dead after a small plane crashed on a driveway in southern california. one was a flight instructor. the other a student pilot. two vehicles in the driveway and roof of the house next door were damaged. there were no other injuries.
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the home is on the takeoff route from a nearby small airport. the flight school says it has never had an dent in almost 50 years of operation. and two people on board a small plane in new jersey managed to avoid serious injury when they crashed. the men were working for the coast guard serving the hudson river when their aircraft developed engine trouble. >> november 758-delta-kilo we are experiencing engine roughness. >> well, we're trying to get to teterboro. delta kilo is gonna make an emergency landing. >> the pilot may have saved young lives when he brought the airplane down at the end of a soccer field avoiding children. an airline pilot caught texting on his cell phone as the plane was taking off. the pilot was flying as a passenger. federal rules prohibit texting and cell phone calls during a flight. it was an american airlines flight but the pilot worked for a different airline.
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the pilot has not been identified or the airline that employs him. well, this was a bizarre interruption of the u.s. open. the tennis match in new york, a drone crashed into an empty section of seats. it broke into pieces upon landing. the match was briefly stopped between points as police examined the drone. one of the players said she heard the drone fly by but wasn't sure what it was. no one was injured and police, they are still investigating. >> all right, well now to some of the stuff that's going on actually on the feel. we're talking about the opening night of college football. >> highlights now from espn. good morning, welcome to our "sportscenter" set here in los angeles. i'm stan verrett. opening night of the major college football season. first game for jim harbaugh as michigan's head coach, wolverines on the road at utah. third quarter, michigan down 17. settled on jake rudock as his quarterback and 19-yard touchdown.
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and wolverines down 7 at that point. in the fourth, we've got a third and 3. big mistake. justin thomas makes him pay for it, 55 yards with the interception return for a touchdown. three picks in that game. tcu opening the season on the road at minnesota. boykin their heisman candidate quarterback hooking up with josh dockson. tcu up 10-0. a struggle but they're eventually able to put it away, boykin on the option will keep it himself. runs it in for a touchdown. threw for 246. had the rushing touchdown and passing touchdown you saw and the horned frogs off to a good start and take it 23-17 in minnesota. also western kentucky, favorite to win at vanderbilt and the hilltoppers go in and beat the commodores in nashville.
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that's it from here. now back to you. okay, up next in "the pulse," move makeover. "sesame street" remaking that deli seen from "when harry met sally". >> talk about a good listener. what had that baby so captivated. i'm feeling lucky. today is the day. i knew it!
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♪ your amusement park plans for next summer. >> six flags adding new attractions at every 1 of its 13 likeses including new roller coaster, water slides, thrill rides and something called dark rides. >> the world's largest theme park six flags great adventure in new jersey gets its 14th
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coaster called total mayhem and flip over at least six times and feel weightlessness, not as you can see for the faint of stomach. >> don't you feel nauseous joust looking at it. a little too much for me. remake worth looking for. that namous scene from "when harry met sally" in the deli and sally shares special information about glim that has been reimaged with one of the biggest stars around, yeah, cookie monster. it's a lot less racy, a little less but just as memorable and the two stars have just about the right amount of chemistry. >> me want to eat. dessert. mm-mm. oh. >> i'll have what they're having. >> that's well done. come on, admit it. >> yeah, i didn't know how they would get away with it. >> this could lead to a whole
4:23 am
new career for cookie monster like "gone with the lead." frankly, scarlet i don't give a -- start devouring the cookie at that point. an impressive rendition from a future broadway star. >> one of the most recognizable songs from any musical. ♪ do you hear the people sing sing a song of angry men ♪ >> that anthem from "les miserable" a favorite from a 3-year-old and his version is going absolutely viral. ♪ beyond the barricade on the sea ♪ ♪ ♪ of angry men >> he can belt it for a 3-year-old. he is already a star. cohen already has 500,000 views.
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>> that's right. gone are the days of goo-ggoo, ga-ga. >> this baby girl was a captive audience for jason silva as he explains the miracle of life in great detail. >> like a steak with a brain. like you're meat that grew up inside your mother. you're like a wet wear android and now you're like grasping all this amazing information as you map and model the world. you're growing, learning ex-expanding, slowly emerging as a thinking being. it's like, oh, my god. >> the straight talk blowing her mind. >> i mean, that would blow anybody's mind. look how she's looking. like, i know e. we're like the galaxy contemplating ourselves. we somehow organized into this amazing -- >> i have to say he is very good looking so that could be part of the fascination perhaps. >> could be that. that girl has a good eye already. >> well, for some of you, your local news is next.
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>> good morning, everyone, i'm matt o'donnell, 4:27, friday, september 4, developing this morning the search for the man who police say shot a pregnant woman and a man who were standing on a porch in a philadelphia neighborhood. a group of college football players are among those accused of several home invasion and an assault around a new jersey campus. the travel hub not as impacted as expected for the papal weekend. recap of the final preseason game next on "action news." defying gravity and shares his insane workout joining a long list of daredevils doing crazy things. >> while they seem to generate plenty of publicity is it really
4:28 am
worth the risks. abc's juju chang has more. >> reporter: from those herculean biceps to the washboards abs gracing the cover of "men's health" no secret that kellan lutz is ripped. the model and actor showing off that muscle on this australian cliff posting these heart-stopping photos to instagram writing i did 20 push-ups and 20 pull-ups but don't try this workout at home. >> all they need to do is hit the bull's-eye. >> reporter: lutz is no stranger to intense stunts even hosting "bull's-eye" on fox. >> get ready. take aim. it's going to be really close. this is "bull's-eye." oh! >> reporter: adrenaline junkies pushing the limbs of gravity and common sense more than ever. ♪ just last month, thrillseeker tobey sieger featured in this feature pulling off this stunt
4:29 am
on a norwegian cliff, 2300 feet in the air. does your mother know you're doing this. >> sorry, mom. >> reporter: just months ago dare devils james kingston became the first to stand on top of the wembley arch. he tries to explain his death-defying drive in the documentary "don't look down" in it's that mental challenge, that constant desire to get out of your comfort zone and become someone you didn't think you could be. >> reporter: and these b.a.s.e. jumpers taking the plunge from the top of dubai's princess tower. lutz and other adventurers around the globe risking it all for that perfect shot. juju chang, abc news, new york. >> dudes are crazy. all right, well, coming up later this morning on "good morning america," florida georgia line live from central park. >> should be a fantastic concert and on behalf of phillip and myself we wish you
4:30 am
>> we are following developing story on this friday september 4. police are searching for a gunman who shot a man and a pregnant woman who were sitting on a stoop in philadelphia's frankford neighborhood. a vigil for a burlington county school remember a teacher and student who were killed in separate crashes. good morning, good to see you all, it


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